Monday, June 8, 2009

Gonna Miss you dearly............

Suppose now... it's the time for me to do my revision and get myself prepared for my coming exam... but.. the feeling within me... aiks.. has kept reminding me..that I'm gonna miss you dearly....

Guess... this is not only referring to you only... but all of you...
I will never forget the time we fight the battle together...
The time we hold each others up, the time we hugged each others, encourage each others, fooling and 'flirting' around... The time we shared our heart and our tears....our joy and sadness together...

You.. dear... is the one that saw me crying and knowing that I dont need any WORDS.. but just a listening ears... and be by my side. You... dear is always there to cheer up my days whenever I'm blue and remind me to smile always as my 'cool' face scared guys away...

Since now you are leaving... ... I started to feel 'empty' inside and missing you alot.....
Lives goes on.. things changed... I prayed that our friendship will always remains.
No matter how our future will be.. you are still my BEST buddies...
All the wonderful memories that we had .. I have locked it deep down in my heart and seal it.
No one can take it away........

I pray that God will watch over you and be with you, my dear. Luv you always....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My First Time ......... Attend BM Revival Meeting

As a Christian for so... long.. Shame to myself that I haven't really attended any BM language revival meeting before ... even though I went to BM Service in my church few years back but.. never to the Revival Meeting which is among the 'most happening' event in town!!!

Thank God that my colleague who is so passionate with BM speaking people want me to bring him there... so no choice but have to go and let go of my badminton session lor..

But... God is good! He wont let me go home with empty hand but I'm so blessed that the speaker Daud Tony is so humorous and learning alot from his testimony... Thanks God.. that I understand 90% of what he said as he speak Bahasa Indonesia.. (thanks to my job as I need to speak Bahasa Indonesia too... with my Indonesia colleague)..

Besides from the great testimony sharing, I felt that there's an urgency to reach out and I dont know why but during 'altar call' time.. when I see the crowd moving towards the altar... once again... I sense God's grace and mercy upon all of us... I see the need to pray for the ppl ...... but I just stand at the same place as I know not what to do... as there's alot of ppl and there's leaders too..... (shame on me... again for not knowing that I'm host... but I cant pray in BM/BI!) Aiks....
But... everything is in control as we have great usher and BM leaders...... thanks to them.

After the meeting, while I'm waiting for my friend getting his bibles and CD's of the speaker.
Guess what I get during the 'waiting moment' ........ the warm from the bros and sis from BM speaking congregation ... we greet each others and exchanged peace!!! I haven't experience this for years wat I mean is without ppl on the stage asking u to do it.. but naturally greet you because they want to greet u!!!! ( I know lar... shame on me again!) But tonite.. is really an eye opening... as I come as I need to bring my friend... but what I gained is much more than I expected and this once again reminds me......... GOD is GREAT!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Living in FEAR!!!

In lives, you meet with all kinds of people..
There's one that jokes with you, care, love, kind, just be there for you whenever you need them...
There's one that you hope that they never come across your lives and you don't wish they are there... (sorry for 'judging' or discriminating') but I'm just saying what I felt now...

This week.. has been a 'dramatic' week as...
My colleague's handbag was snatched by motorbiker just right in front my office! And when I heard the screaming shout and ran out... everything has just 'over'... But thank God, she was 'unhurt' as there's no 'parang' or 'bleeding' incident.... and her loss was only all the '$$' in the bags...
Thru this incident, it has reminded us once again to be extra careful and cautious all the time.. And it has indirectly telling all of us that we are actually LIVING IN FEAR!!!
What has happen to our society!!!! Why there's no helping hands at all and people just stand there and SEE SEE LOOK LOOK!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's April.... Q1 09 was a history...

People tends to do their yearly resolutions and I believe for me... Quarterly evaluation will be more meaningful to me as it helps to remind myself to treasure the time that I have in the world to do more things for the LORD, my family and people around me.

But what have I done throughout the past 3mths? Erm... not to mention on the Chinese New Year celebration that I had in FEB and visiting new place such Medan for the first time in January and tomorrow I will visiting Surabaya.. I have been 'extremely' addicted to do 'Global Trotting' and my current record is out of Malaysia every 3 mth since 2008! There's alot of plan in my mind.. plans will remain as plans and dream will only dream if there's NO ACTION! Where is my next destination? SECRET... :-p

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


生活无聊,工作无反向,感情无靠岸,唉。。。。 好灰阿!!


Monday, March 9, 2009


惨了!我太紧张了。。。 因为我要见南美来的客人与商场上的朋友们。。。
我想是因为什么准备也没做所以难以入眠。。。 已经是一点了。。。我还很精神很有活力。。惨了要变成熊猫眼见人了。。。 我要怎样呢!!


Friday, March 6, 2009


好多时后, 大家都认为一个三十快到的女生是熟女。
烦恼与压力已经是生活上的一部分, 狂风暴雨早就视为家常便饭了。


小时候, 我真的以为城市生活是多姿多彩,OL是时尚女性的职业。。。
长大后才知道这些全是幻想是假象,成人的生活是有酸甜苦辣的,好景不会常在, 但雨后我都会抱着看到彩虹的希望。希望归希望,路还是要走。。。要往那个方向呢?相信只有我自己知了!

流浪和观看创造者所创造的世界是我一直以来的坚持, 但迈向熟女的路程。。 我想已渐渐的把它抛到脑后了。常听说当年级越大所可以做的事就会越来越少。。 活力以及冲击也会随着时间慢慢的消失。我好想找回我自己。。。找回那不怕天有多高,地有多厚,海有多深的自己。

我想。。。 要照会自己最好的方法就是行动吧!!!